So after 25 years as a licensed stock broker I have thrown in the towel and dropped all of my securities licenses. Process Wealth is a culmination of by quarter century as a financial advisor/asset allocator/Certified Financial Planner/CFP®.

Am I soured on the industry? You bet I am. The game set up by Wall Street insures the end user only gets a return after everyone else gets paid.

In 25 years I have sold goods and services that were presented to me as good deals for my clients, supposedly vetted by broker dealer due diligence departments, while what they willfully ignored telling me is that those goods and service companies were paying 100’s of thousands of dollars in slotting fees to the broker dealer just to be on their menu of services. NO MORE.

Process Wealth will be two things,  a Blog/Vlog for folks that want to be coached by someone that has been through the dot.com crash and the 2008 Great Recession that has nothing to sell but encouragement and experience and a newsletter for asset allocation and other tidbits culminated from an array of connections with financial advisors/hedge fund managers/mutual fund managers/CPAs and Attorneys that have consistently helped me help folks navigate their financial lives successfully over the last 25 years.

It’s kind of like starting from nothing, but it was long overdue.

So whether you are exploring your 401k options, considering actually pulling the plug on  working and starting your own thing, want some life insurance advice, are thinking about long term care for your parents or virtually anything regarding your life financially, I am here to help.

Wealth is a process and it is not just about money, its about time, family and legacy as at the end, your bank accounts and investments get transferred to family, friends and charity (or the state if you keep your head in the sand like an ostrich).

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